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Chiropractic Care and Physical Medicine

Chiropractic Care

Our Chiropractor offers two unique types of adjustments; The Activator Method and the Atlas Orthogonal Method:

The Activator Method Chiropractic Technique® is a diagnostic and treatment system used by some chiropractors to treat many types of back pain, neck pain, and headaches (both chronic and migraine).

The Activator Method uses a small, hand-held instrument called the Activator Adjusting Instrument to deliver a gentle impulse force to the spine with the goal of restoring motion to the targeted spinal vertebra or joint.

It is an alternative to the traditional manual form of spinal manipulation, known as the high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) thrust.

The Activator Method Chiropractic Technique is a type of manipulation described as follows:

  • A spring-loaded, hand-held mechanical instrument called the Activator Adjusting Instrument provides a quick, low-force impulse at specific points. There are two theoretical advantages of an Activator instrument-assisted treatment. The first is based on the speed of the device. The instrument is so quick that the body’s muscles are less likely to tense in response, and resist the treatment. The lack of muscle resistance may facilitate the treatment effectiveness. The second is that the applied force is localized and does not add any additional torque or bending movement to the joint.

Atlas Orthogonal Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a gentle and specific method for adjusting the most important bone in the spine: the Atlas.  The atlas vertebrae, is the top vertebrae in the spine, supports the skull, and surrounds the brainstem and delicate nerves.  The upper cervical joints are the most complex in the human body and the most mobile spinal joints.

The atlas correction is made  using the Sweat Atlas Orthogonal Adjusting Instrument: a high-tech percussion adjusting instrument developed Dr. Roy Sweat and engineers at Georgia Tech University.   The atlas adjustment is gentle, specific and involves NO popping or cracking of the neck.  People often feel an immediate feeling of well being and relaxation afterwards, and many have a significant resolution of their pain and symptoms

Physical Medicine

Physical Medicine visits offer many ways to improve your well-being, recover from your injuries and strengthen your immune system. You may be referred to physical medicine for certain health concerns, such as muscle strains, arthritic and other types of pain, as well as detoxification and immune support.

Treatments offered include:


  • Therapeutic ultrasound: Ultrasonic therapy to promote recovery, especially in musculotendinous injuries
  • Interferential: Low-frequency electrical stimulation that can be very helpful for pain management
  • Additional therapies: Cold laser therapy, diathermy, therapeutic/functional exercise

Manual Therapy

  • Naturopathic manipulation: A safe and effective technique to realign the body’s skeletal system
  • Muscle energy stretching: This stretching technique helps retrain hypertonic muscles
  • Kinesio taping: Therapeutic elastic taping can help retrain and support the body while allowing the body to continue to move freely (whereas conventional athletic taping is rigid and restrictive)
  • Additional modalities: Soft and deep tissue manipulation, craniosacral thearapy, visceral manipulation, reciprocal inhibition technique


  • Colon hydrotherapy: Frequently prescribed in a detoxification regimen
  • Constitutional hydrotherapy: An older method of stimulating the body’s vital force and immune system.

Additional therapies: Hyperthermia and peat baths, contrast hydrotherapy, far infrared sauna.