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Michael Manning, ND

Pronouns: HE/HIM

Naturopathic Physician

First-year Resident

Dr. Michael Manning - Pediatric and Family Naturopathic Primary Care

Dr. Manning’s love of healthcare started from an early age seeing and hearing stories of his mom and grandmother practicing medicine in the hospital, classroom and wartime settings. His first ventures were as a lifeguard instructor and EMT, teaching others emergency rescue, basic life support, and first-aid. He eventually fell in love with the idea of preventative medicine and transitioned from his degree in early childhood development to study nutrition. He earned his B.S. from the University of California, Davis in Clinical Nutrition and afterwards owned and operated an exercise and nutrition consultation business but the desire to practice medicine never truly left him. He then went on to Bastyr University where he earned his doctoral degree in Naturopathic Medicine. Coming full circle he now practices pediatric/family medicine with a keen focus on nutrition and prevention.


Dr. Manning's Philosophy:

You are the captain of your ship and your practitioner should be your navigation system. I believe wholeheartedly in viewing every patient concern and clinical encounter through the lens of evidence-informed practice (EIP). EIP has three parts: Scientific Research, Clinical Expertise, and Patient Preference. Your practitioner can utilize the first two but ultimately it is the patient’s preference how we take care of their mind, body and spirit in the primary care setting. All of Dr. Manning’s patients are viewed through this EIP lens coupled with naturopathic philosophy which includes our six naturopathic principles, our naturopathic therapeutic order, and social determinants of health. The process of gaining and maintaining your health is holistic and collaborative every step of the way. 


When he’s not with family and friends you’ll find him with his partner in some body of water, foraging about the woodlands, or traveling to a new far off land. Once upon a time he used to sing in choirs and bands so you may find him occasionally humming in the halls. 


Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine

at Bastyr University

Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition at University of California, Davis

Clinical Focus

  • Pediatric Primary Care

  • Adolescent Primary Care

  • Family Medicine Primary Care

  • Clinical Nutrition

  • Physical Medicine       (spinal, cranial, soft tissue,      & visceral manipulation)

  • LGBTQIA+ care

  • Clinical Herbal Medicine 

  • Mind-body Medicine 

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Private Practices

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