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Taylor Reich, ND

Pronouns: SHE/HER

Naturopathic Physician

First-year Resident

Dr. Taylor Reich - Pediatric and Family Naturopathic Primary Care

Dr. Taylor Reich (she/her/hers) is a licensed naturopathic physician and one of two first year residents at Eastside Natural Medicine. Before receiving her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in 2023, she graduated with microbiology, chemistry, and anthropology degrees from the University of Idaho, worked as a Behavior Health Associate aiding emotionally disturbed children in the Alaskan foster care system, and volunteered as a Community Health Advisor and midwifery assistant for the Peace Corps in Madagascar. Each of these experiences inspired a passion for integrative whole-person healthcare throughout all phases of life; with a specific attraction to pediatrics, perinatal care, lactation support, and women’s health. 


Dr. Taylor believes in authentic, compassionate, client-centered, evidence-based care and strives to aid her patients in establishing confidence and empowerment regarding their own health. Not only does she value foundational care and treating the underlying cause of various health concerns, but she also emphasizes creating a trusting, collaborative, and safe relationship in which the patient is listened to, supported, and advocated for at all times. She helps her patients to optimize their body’s innate healing ability, guide them through physical and emotional challenges, and restore internal balance through nutrition, physical medicine, botanical remedies, movement, homeopathy, and more. Dr. Taylor supports her patients in learning about their bodies in order to make well-informed choices regarding their health, as well as, tools for self-sustaining long-term wellness. In an ever evolving field, she continues to learn and grow in order to provide patients with the best care possible. 


With additional training in neonatology, pediatrics, and lactation management she expects to not only monitor and celebrate the growth and development of newborns and children, but also emphasize bonding, security, and preventative medicine at this critical time of life. Dr. Taylor is open to supporting humans and families in all facets including: single parents, LGBTQQIP2SA+ parents, and families of all configurations. She is also sex positive and works under the health at every size (HAES) mindset. She would be honored to be you or your children’s healthcare cheerleader, ally, listening ear, and collaborator. 


Dr. Taylor lives in the Seattle area and when she’s not working she is playing with her puppy, reading, hiking, rock climbing, getting out on the water, watching Seattle sports, organizing, or doing a wine tasting. She is also a member of the Pediatric association of naturopathic physicians (PedANP), American association of naturopathic physicians (AANP), and Washington association of naturopathic physicians (WANP). 


Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine

at Bastyr University

Bachelor of Microbiology, Chemistry, and Anthropology degrees from the University of Idaho

Clinical Focus

  • Perinatal Care

  • Pediatric Primary Care

  • Adolescent Primary Care

  • Lactation Support

  • Women's Health

  • Infertility

  • Family Planning

  • Health at Every Size

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